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About Us

The Victoria Bowling Club was formed by the amalgamation of the Ellacombe B.C. (1932) and the Torquay Post Office B.C. (1928) in October 2000.

The Ellacombe green was shared by these two clubs for many years. The name Victoria, was taken from the adjacent road at the old Ellacombe Green and voted by the membership.


The Phoenix logo was adopted from the legend of the mythical bird arising from its own ashes to form a new life.


After seventy eight years of bowling at the Ellacombe Green, this came to an end in the year of 2005 when the Club transferred its roots to the sea front Bowling Green in the Abbey Park Gardens.


In 2016 we agreed upon and signed a Forty years lease with the Torbay Council.

Each year we nominate a charity for our support and for 2024 it is the Ricky Grant Day Unit at Torbay.

The image below is a panoramic view of the green and we assure you the green is 40 metres square.

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